VE Service

Website design and development for a transportation company

Moscow | Russia

About the project

VE Service is a Moscow-based logistics company that carries over 630 tonnes of freight annually. The company already had a website but it was outdated and difficult to update for non-tech users. We transferred all content to WordPress, which made site editing much easier. All old content got rewritten, and unnecessary content (like general industry news) got removed from the website. The result was a 100% useful front page that contained short company info, links to key offers and a list of target industries.

Design and effects

The website is based on a strict colour palette from client’s brand book – two shades of blue, a few grays and black. To make the design warmer, we added light CSS animations (like hover effects), a video background on front page, and knockout elements on key pages. The background of knockout icons remains fixed on scroll, which creates an unobtrusive visual effect.

Comprehensive contact forms

An important part of the project was to create a detailed bot not too long contact form for site visitors. With this form, customers can select the type of their cargo and preferred method of transportation. Detailed description of freight is optional at this step.

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