Website development price: Template customization

How much does it cost to build a template-based site?

What is a template-based website?

A template-based website features your content but you don’t have to pay for custom design because you buy a pre-designed WordPress theme (template). Template customization involves adjusting fonts, colours, and minor layout features in a theme. It’s a quick-and-dirty way to launch a website on a tiny budget.

Price: From EUR 400

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What’s included

  • Installation of WordPress
  • Template customization (fonts, colours…) *
  • Your content upload
  • Site speed optimization
  • Basic SEO settings
  • Access to admin panel for the client
  • Hosting and domain name advice

* Template fee is not included. An average WordPress template costs 30-60 EUR and you’ll most likely need to renew your license annually.

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