Web development rates

Approximate prices for different types of websites

How much does it cost to build a website?

My prices for business websites based on CMS WordPress start from EUR 850. Larger, more complex projects or online stores are more expensive to build. I can help you choose the most essential functionality for your website and give up the less important features for the necessary ones.

Please read this article to find out what’s included in website development prices.

Landing Page

From EUR 450

Business Website

From EUR 850

Template-based site

From EUR 400


From EUR 1200

Why choose Layers to build your website?

Custom design

All packages, except Template customization, include bespoke professional design.


Good design is not about visual sugar, it’s about flawless user experience and high converion rate.


I call it mobile reponsiveness 2020. Fluid, responsive blocks of content that perfectly adapt to your screen.

Timeless style

Pick the best from current trends but rely on classic design principles – that’s the key to design that will look modern for years.


You can be sure that your website will not infringe anyone’s copyright by using fonts or images without permission.

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