Chapeautelier Magiamanus

E-commerce solution for a headwear brand

Moscow | Russia

About the project

Chapeautelier Magiamanus is a well-known headwear brand based in Moscow, Russia. Their target clientele are well-to-do women. The brand also offers men’s and kids collection. Being active on local fashion and event scene, the brand also had a lot of beautiful video and photo materials that they wanted to publish on the website.

Flexibility & options

When working on this project, we faced a difficult task: most of the hats can be ordered in hundreds of colours and decorated with ribbons or feathers of client’s choice. We created online hat builders for some of the models, where customer can choose colour and decor online. Other hats come in a predefined set of colours, but customers can customize decor to their taste. And finally, there are models that come in just one colour and style. So we ended up having three different types of products, all being equally easy to buy.

Extra pages

The website features a lot of extra sections and pages like galleries, lookbooks, fashion projects, custom contact forms for partners and bloggers, etc. These pages are not directly related to sales, so we placed links to them in the footer.

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